Creating the modern developer stack template (part 1)

Creating the modern developer stack template (part 1)

Hello folks,

Deciding which technologies to use before getting started on a new project is one of the most tedious tasks one could think of. For this very reason, I want to select the technologies I think are currently the best for building a full-stack web application (frontend, backend, database) and create a starting template pre-configured with this whole stack.

I will share into details the process I went through to select the technology for every single layer. I will also implement this in my open source project stator, representing my research under a pre-configured project ready to be cloned and modified to your needs.

To reduce this research scope, I will focus on pieces of the stack written in TypeScript as it is one of the fastest-growing languages. One very popular stack in this ecosystem is the MERN stack. M stands for MongoDB, E for Express, R for React and N for Node. I will dissect every piece of this and try to improve wherever possible. As I am a strong believer that open source is the present and future of a healthy programming community, I will only be using open source projects. For sure, one can hardly remain objective when considering such technologies as, in the end, it might come down to a matter of personal preference. I will try my very best to be objective.

This article is the introduction piece to what will be a series of blog posts. Here is the list of the parts you will get to read if you embark on this quest with me ;)

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